My engagement

My ethics


My support consists of listening to you and questioning you with kindness, there is no room for judgment, nor criticism in my coaching, together we build the path of your change.


You can count on my complete confidentiality, respect and sincere intention to help you create better results in your life, and I rely on your courage and honesty to tell me the truth.


What matters is your feelings, your purpose and your path. The speed of your progress is directly related to the level of your courage to tell it like it is. I am bound by professional secrecy, my work is supervised.


I plan to organize individual support according to a coaching agreement, established by the code of ethics of French society for the practice of professional support, association law 1901.

Coach's duty to the client


The coach allows himself in conscience to exercise this function based on his training and experience.


The coach is bound by professional secrecy.


Aware of his position, the coach refrains from exercising any undue influence.


The coach takes all appropriate means to allow, within the framework of the client's request, the professional and personal development of his client, including the recourse, if necessary, to a colleague.


The coach is attentive to the profession, uses, culture, context and constraints of the organization he supports.


Coaching is exercised in the synthesis of the interests of the client and his organization.


The coach adapts his intervention while respecting the development stages of his client.


The coach agrees to respect the ethics of the French Coaching Company, which can be consulted by the client here (french)

Client's duty towards the coach


Coaching being a process of professional and personal development, the client is in fact responsible for the decisions taken.


The client is committed to being punctual in the appointments made with the coach. It being understood that any delay of more than 15 minutes cancels the session which will be considered as definitively lost.


In case of cancellation of an appointment, the client informs the coach of this cancellation at least 48 hours in advance.


  • Support is mostly provided in the form of individual interviews by Skype, Zoom or in the office.
  • 16 weeks of personalized coaching support, WhatsApp follow-up and unlimited mailing.
  • L’accompagnement coaching s’étale sur une période de 4 à 6 mois.
  • The working sessions are from 1 h 15 to 1 h 30 min per interview.
  • The sessions should take place at a minimum rate of twice a month.
  • Each new session allows you to measure your progress and move towards your goal, by implementing new actions.
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  • Modalités de paiement : Par chèque, virement bancaire ou paiement par paypal.