Some testimonials

Découvrir ce qui a changé pour eux

“I really liked the resources. Themes that affect everyone, and which are extremely important in everyday life. The idea of the exercise book is great! It's intuitive, we find the spirit of a child in an adult life that is sometimes too complicated. Listening, you check that everyone understands your concepts: "Is it ok for you? Is everyone okay? Do you need an explanation? Reformulation sentences, which prove that you are actively listening. You then bid on advice that always goes well! I love the idea of brainstorming, round tables ... I really like group training, it's really constructive and it allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of others and become aware of a lot of things . You are very pleasant during the training, you are a good group leader, everyone follows you and listens to you. "
Maxime Oliveira
"I had the pleasure of talking to this life coach, I must admit that she helped me very well to find my block, very professional and who loves her job, I recommend her to all who have need to regain motivation. Thanks again Joanna »
Mamoudou Magassa
"Available, empathetic, professional, supportive, caring, Joanna has a heart to help others and it really shows. She does everything she can to help us evolve and set in motion. A real pleasure to work with you Joanna! Thank you for everything "
Béatrice Genetet
Communications Officer
“In the business creation phase, I had Joanna support me over 3 months. His coaching allowed me to understand why I was procrastinating. This click allowed me to put in place many actions that made me move faster. I recommend Joanna for her skills ”
Lionel Garcia
Dirigeant d'entreprise
"My meeting with joanna is one of the signs that leads us to believe that a higher entity is watching over us and guiding us. We met by chance in a park, at a time when I was looking for support, but could not find the right person. I was skeptical the first few sessions, being very much in control of my life, but Joanna was patient and caring and revealed a piece of the puzzle to me each time. Through scientifically proven methods and action exercises, I felt that each session brought me closer to my goal. Today I am more in action than in reflection. Having broken my limiting thoughts, and my old unconscious patterns, I am aligned with my values ​​and have more and more ambition to progress and accomplish more. If you hesitate to get coached, stop thinking and take the plunge. Trust and let Joanna guide you, her kindness and energy will certainly impact you positively ”
Zohor A
Framework in security and access control
“Joanna is inspiring and calming. It sets a framework which helps reflection and allows us to move forward. I like what she shares; a positive vision of life, its generosity and its active listening. Thanks to his help, I gained confidence to develop my professional project. I highly recommend! "
Valérie M
Entraîneur, Coach sportive
“COACHING BY JOANNA: listening, excellence, support, taking charge of the person are the sure values of Joanna's coaching. It makes you want ... to want .... To discover absolutely »
Claudie M
Company director
“Thank you to my Coach Joanna Saba for your wise advice and auspicious for the rest of our consultations. I will recommend you given the level of professionalism .... Your coaching training is bearing fruit ... I was able to benefit from it, hoping to implement your judicious recommendations ”
Rodrigue G
“There are encounters that mark life. They can appear obvious and other times, we put them on the mute, the fear of developing the relationship because we know that nothing will be the same afterwards. This is how I met Joanna. A solar, positive person, always that sweet word in chaos. And above all, an attentive and discreet ear. I took the time to mature the idea of coaching. Because it has to be a decision, a certain will to change what no longer needs to be. Any change messes up. So I started with my failures, my doubts, my fears, my wounds and Joanna accompanied me on a path where everything has its purpose.
Corinne G
Nurse and hypnotherapist
“There are times in your life when you stagnate although you want to move towards something else. It was in one of those moments that I met Joanna. From this great exchange of sharing, she gently made me appear paths to walk and weed to have space and gain momentum in the pursuit of my personal development. In order to feel better with myself and others. Since then I work there every day. I highly recommend. "
Pierre M
Accountant and business manager
“Super coach who managed to change my life in a few months while I had family and personal worries, a terrible lack of self-confidence and the onset of depression, with each session and each exercise I managed to find a harmony in all aspects of my life (personal, school, family, professional ...) that's why I recommend everyone to contact her to work on yourself, knowing that the will and the motivation to change her life is the most important! "
Shymon K
“Meeting with very rich Joanna. Her support is invaluable, she provides advice and relevant lines of thought to help us find the solutions to our ailments within ourselves. Always smiling and overflowing with energy, she herself embodies the change that everyone would like to experience and which passes acceptance and awareness among others ... On the way to inner revolution 😉 Go for it! Thanks again "
Sam Y
“I met Joanna through Facebook she sells cosmetics .... I was following her page because she is a radiant young woman full of life, a beautiful person. Then I had the chance to meet her at a conference in Orleans and followed her journey. Then last year Joanna changed direction as a personal life coach that I follow closely. Having blockages with my husband that prevent me from moving forward I decided to contact joanna. I understood that I had to take a small step forward without pointing the other and the situation was better at home ... not to be possessive ... to make small efforts myself and not always wait for it to be. to the other to make efforts. Today our relationship is much better. I have also learned that we have to talk and not leave a worry in your head ... that gets worse or eats away at us. "
Séverine B. C.
“I congratulate you Joanna for your pedagogy, your listening skills, your way of leading your course. Really bravo bravo and it will be my pleasure to be present among you in your next training. "
Hanane Bachouch
“Joanna, you listened and left no one behind. Your smile was reassuring and communicative ”
Yacine Daoudi
Manager and certified trainer
"Very well organized trainer, excellent pedagogy"
Rola Maatouk
“Excellent organization, a lot of flexibility, time for breaks and lunch respected which facilitates the organization for the participants. The number of participants is ideal so that everyone can discuss, ask questions. Training with a lot of practice and exercises, I loved we don't stay in theory. Trainer who has a sense of pedagogy. Good rhythm, good flow in the voice, pleasant voice that puts you at ease, constantly reformulates, asks questions and gives no ready-made answers for everyone to find what suits him. "
Jamila Mssaad