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Control your emotions and act with confidence thanks to the CECAT ™ method

Professional Coach and Certified Trainer


How to go from a stressed nursing staff, lacking confidence and under tension to fully serene and fulfilled?

Hello, I am Joanna Saba

About me

Je suis coach professionnelle RNCP et formatrice FPA certifiée, j’aide le personnel médico-social à maîtriser ses émotions et agir en confiance grâce à la méthode CECAT.

If you are currently experiencing a lot of stress and pressure, you lack the time and energy to live in harmony in your personal and professional life. You love your job, your patients appreciate you, but you cannot have enough self-confidence, be in control of your emotions and develop your interpersonal skills to live serenely.

I understand you because I have been there and I know how important it is for you to have ultimate confidence in yourself, to experience the change in your life, to become aware, to accept and to find harmony in your personal and professional life. .

Je vous accompagne à travers mon accompagnement coaching et mes formations à être acteur du changement que vous voulez incarner dans votre vie.

My services

My mission is to support you in defining the transformational result you want to achieve, consolidate and nourish your value base, lift your brakes, make room for new resource beliefs, put you in motion, transform your personal and professional concerns, anchor a unlimited self-confidence, living a positive impact, developing emotional mastery and living in alignment with your identity.

Individual coaching

Allow everyone to find their own solutions

I help medico-social staff to control their emotions and act confidently using the 8-step CECAT method.

Training Professional

Mes formations ont pour objectif de transmettre au personnel médico-social, technique et administratif, les savoirs-être et savoirs-faire nécessaire pour les aider à réussir leurs missions et atteindre leurs objectifs. 

" Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. " - Oscar Wilde

DISC behavior and communication profile test offered

To impact others, we must know each other first, that's why I offer to begin with as a welcome the test that will allow you to know your DISC behavior and communication profile and understand that of others to create and maintain excellent relationships.

Unlock your potential.

Discover my training dedicated to medico-social staff, created to transmit the skills and know-how necessary to develop effective communication.



I had the chance to know and accompany Joanna in her "first steps" as a coach. "First steps" which quickly turned into "great strides", so much does Joanna have natural qualities of a coach: contagious empathy and benevolence, a radiant faith in others and a joyfully disarming authenticity!
Je recommande chaleureusement et vivement Joanna pour votre accompagnement en coaching. Totalement impliquée, à votre écoute, elle vous permettra de progresser et d’atteindre les objectifs que vous vous êtes fixés. Après plusieurs années de formation auprès des meilleurs, Joanna maîtrise les différents « outils » qui vont contribuer à faire exploser votre plafond de verre. Apprécie le chemin et bon vent pour de nouvelles expériences enrichissantes. Gratitude !

The benefits of the CECAT method


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