Who am I ?

I am Joanna Saba, Certified Coach and Trainer.

I am Franco-Lebanese, born in Lebanon in 1982, married and mother of a daughter.
I have worked 16 years of my professional life in the hospital and social environment, operating room nurse, then coordinating nurse. I am very attached to people, I like the relationship with the patient, the teams. But something was starting to miss me: help unlocking internal blockages. I couldn't take it any longer, I wanted to find internal peace, to understand myself and those around me.
I seriously question myself at the news of mom's cancer, I was on a quest in the face of death. I wanted to run away from everything, I was immobilized by my weaknesses, more in reflection, in continuous stress, I could not move forward and in internal tensions. Thanks to a friend, I attend personal development seminars, I seek coaches to free me from my emotional blockages and regain confidence in myself, in life.

My beginning

Little by little, I learn to know myself, to reconnect with my faith, my strengths, to understand my surroundings, human psychology, I learned the keys to personal development, the techniques and tools to put in place, this journey has transformed me, I break the limiting beliefs and I find harmony in all aspects of my life, energy, motivation.

Finally, I managed to live in alignment with my Inner Self, I managed to forge a winning mind no matter what situations we may go through.

My workshop

I became aware of my development and decided to train in coaching in France and Switzerland, I obtained professional certifications and I supported around a hundred nurses, nursing assistants, doctors, speech therapists, gardeners , medical and social workers, like you, who need to learn to manage their emotions, have energy and develop ultimate self-confidence. I then create my method, the CECAT method in 8 steps to act with unlimited confidence and control your emotions.
This journey has transformed me, I break limiting beliefs and find harmony and balance in all aspects of my life, energy, motivation, confidence. I then created the movement "MEDICO-SOCIAL AND CONFIDENT" to help all those who care or support in the medico-social sector, recognize themselves in this situation and also want to get out of it to live a more fulfilling life and without no regrets.

A little more about me

I am a person who likes to bring to others, to transmit, to help.
I am a woman in whom the value of family is vital to me, I listen to myself, I act and I trust my intuition.
I am a follower of mindfulness, dance, meditation, yoga, my daily rituals which help me develop my psychological balance and be serene.
I practice theater, in a group at art school. I have been engaged in this dream activity since my teenage years and it brings me fulfillment and develops my creativity.
I am a fan of personal development, a vital need to continue to grow in consciousness.

My acknowledgments

Media appearance

I had the joy of welcoming Hélène Cail, the Panorama de Fresnes journalist at my office.

To summarize

I was raised by entrepreneurial parents who gave me the desire to be an entrepreneur. A persevering, determined, loving mother. These values are with me today and carry me in a spirit of freedom and a desire to impact the lives of other people.
So I want to pass on to you the tools that I would have liked to have had at some point in my life.
I want to guide you towards conscious choices, actions aligned with your values and your identity.
Your problems will turn into forces of life.

My coaching is reinforced by my anchorages and visualizations.

Joanna Saba